First Pond

  • Mark Adams Jan 21, 2012

    "A thoroughly watchable and increasingly ENGAGING indie Japanese film, driven forward by a confident and engaging performance by Ai Ikeda."

  • VICE Magazine Nov 30, -0001

    "1 in 10 music docs you need to see in 2016"

  • Global Citizen Nov 30, -0001

    "How one man is using hip-hop to revive his endangered, indigenous language"

  • Huffington Post Nov 30, -0001

    "Interesting. Unusual. Uniquely NYC"

  • Hugh Laurie Nov 30, -0001

    "Bayou Maharajah is a wonderful documentary - essential viewing for anyone who cares about James Booker, the city of New Orleans, music, people, life, love, art or death. There is comparatively little bass fishing in it though."

  • The Hollywood Reporter Mar 20, 2013

    This “winning doc features a can’t-miss subject and plenty of performance footage. A must-see for aficionados of New Orleans jazz, it’s also accessible to viewers who don’t know a Professor Longhair from a Dr. John.”

  • Wall St Journal Nov 30, -0001

    “At once an outsider's outsider and an insider's insider, Booker lived life as if it were meant for lore.”

  • Muse Magazine Nov 30, -0001

    “This is the type of history I am proud to see and support. So many voices, especially minority voices... even in the black community were silenced because they were different. Alice Walker revived Zora Neale Hurston; Baynard Rustin is finally getting the credit he deserved and now James Booker.”

  • Billboard Magazine Nov 30, -0001

    "There are very few pianists who cannot be transcribed. He is one of them."

  • GQ Nov 30, -0001

    "Meet Metallica's biggest fan."

  • Kerrang Nov 30, -0001

    "This is a brilliant life affirming film"

  • The Hollywood Reporter Nov 30, -0001

    "A universal celebration of human kindness and musical connection"

  • Eric Kohn Nov 30, -0001


  • Neil Young Nov 30, -0001

    "A delicately seductive flow of scenes"

  • Mark Adams Nov 30, -0001

    "A charming and beautifully filmed story"

  • Charles Mudede May 27, 2015

    The way Shields questions Powell and then questions his own questions is strangely exciting to watch.