Detroit Unleaded (EDU)

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World Premiere - Toronto International Film Festival
Official Selection - Cleveland International Film Festival
Official Selection - Dubai International Film Festival
"Comedic BRILLIANCE!" Indiewire
"BEAUTIFULLY etched." The New York Times
"90 minutes of PURE ENTERTAINMENT!" National Post
The Story:
Expanding on the award-winning short, DETROIT UNLEADED is a modern take on Romeo and Juliet that tells the story of Sami, a Lebanese-American who reluctantly takes over his father's gas station after he is murdered in an armed robbery. It's a life that Sami never wanted; nor did his late father. who always encouraged his son to go to college. Sami spends his days dealing with spirited and often hilarious Detroit customers through bulletproof glass. He runs the business with his cousin Mike (Mike Batayeh, Breaking Bad), who's constantly coming up with new ideas to make the gas station a success while engaging in a price war with a crosstown rival. When a gorgeous young "up-do girl" named Najlah comes to deliver long-distance phone cards, Sami quickly falls for her. Afraid her overprotective brother will disapprove, Najlah begins a romance with Sami under the promise of secrecy. As their love blossoms, Sami's dreams of a better life are rekindled as well.
Areas of study: Middle-Eastern American Studies, Film Studies, Lebanese-American Studies, Economics, Sociology