Ever the Land

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Official Selection - New Zealand International Film Festival
Official Selection - Hawaii International Film Festival
Official Selection - Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
“Deeply affected both my heart and mind.” - Rip It Up Magazine
“An impressive little film that deserves attention.” - New Zealand Herald
The Story:
For the past 150 years, the relationship between Tuhoe and the New Zealand government has been defined by long-standing grievances over severe colonization experiences such as illegal land confiscations and the devastating consequences of scorched earth policies. Then, in 2014 history was made: Tuhoe’s ancestral homelands were returned, the New Zealand government gave an official apology, and Tuhoe built the first ever “Living Building” in New Zealand, conceived as a testament to their values and vision of self-governance.
The new building is the binding character in this observational documentary that immerses us in a culture that is tightly woven into its land and an architecture that is defined by its integrity to it.