June Bride: Redemption of a Yakuza (DVD)

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Official Selection - Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
Official Selection - Asian American International Film Festival
“(Derek) Shimoda, working as the director, writer, producer, director of photography, and editor, constructs this documentary with artful observations to gaze about the subtle natural beauty parallel to the prison lifestyles and impoverish urban settings. - Donald Shanahan, Chicago Film Examiner
“June Bride: Redemption of a Yakuza is an AMUSING and EFFECTIVE insiders look at the secret world of the Yakuza and a stark comparison between criminal codes of honor and religious codes of conduct. - Geoff Burton, Cinematrek
The Story:
The June Bride is not your ordinary bar. And former Yakuza mobster Tatsuya Shindo is about the furthest thing from your ordinary pastor. After Shindo falls into a life of crime and repeated imprisonment, he finds that religion is his ultimate ticket to redemption. So, Shindo cuts off his pinkie finger to appease his former Yakuza boss and finalizes his transformation into Pastor Shindo. Set to a hypnotic score by Miho Hatori (Cibo Matto), June Bride begs the question, can a former criminal effectively preach the word of God? And is leaving one of the most notorious crime syndicates in the world going to be that easy?