Mission to Lars (EDU)

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New York Times Critics' Pick!
“SMART and TOUCHING... a beautiful sibling road trip tale with a heavy-metal flourish. - Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times
“A universal celebration of human kindness and musical connection. - The Hollywood Reporter
“The BEST DOCUMENTARY you'll see this year! - Holymoly.com
The Story:
Tom Spicer has Fragile X Syndrome, the most common form of autism, and has spent his adult life in a residential care home; ignored, for the most part, by his siblings, Kate and Will. MISSION follows the three siblings from a sleepy English town to America to find Lars. Any dreams of a bonding rock n roll roadtrip fade as Kate and Will struggle to understand their brother's condition, while Tom confronts the challenges his syndrome and the ignorance and noise in the outside world. MISSION manages to combine rock music, autism, and the classic road trip to moving and hilarious effect.
Areas of Study: Autism, Special Education, Documentary Studies, Film Studies